3 Ex-Michigan State players get probation

The Sports Xchange

June 06, 2018 at 1:02 pm.

Former Michigan State football players Josh King, Donnie Corley and Demetric Vance, who were convicted of seduction charges, were sentenced to three years of probation on Wednesday.

The three will be required to undergo sexual offender treatment.

King, Corley and Vance all maintain that a young woman’s claim that they raped her in the bathroom of an on-campus apartment in January 2017 was not true.

All three pleaded guilty to felony seduction charges in April in exchange for prosecutors dropping more significant criminal sexual conduct charges.

The woman involved submitted a statement to the court that said she agreed to the plea deal for the sake of her mental health.

“I became terrified to sleep because of persistent nightmares,” the woman said in her statement. “I clenched my jaw so hard in my sleep that I ruined my retainer in well under a year. … Unfortunately, this plea has allowed all three defendants to avoid admitting what really happened that night. It’s heartbreaking to admit that I have zero confidence that a significant level of deterrence will come out of this.”

The woman told police last year that King pulled her into a bathroom during a party, assaulted her and then invited Corley and Vance into the room, where they forced her to perform oral sex.

King, Corley and Vance admitted they seduced the woman, but said the sex they had with the young woman was consensual.




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