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December 07, 2018 at 6:34 pm.

–Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was an assistant under Kansas City head coach Andy Reid in Philadelphia. The two coaches last met in 2015 when the Chiefs came away with a 34-14 victory in Baltimore. Harbaugh said Reid played a major influence in his life inside and outside the lines.

“We’ve had a lot of conversations about that, and they’ve done quite a few little pieces on that, stories on that, so I get asked that a lot – the impact Andy has had on my career, and I’m just grateful,” Harbaugh said. “One of the most important things in any profession – it’s probably true in journalism – is where you start. Who you start with really makes a big difference. If you start with people that do it the right way – good people, teach you the right things – it just gives you a chance, gives you a leg up.

“And Andy, for me, was a big part of that in every way. I learned a great many things from him, and watching his tape now, I still learn a great many things from him. Yes, he’s certainly at the top of the business in what he does.”

–After earning his first victory, Lamar Jackson received congratulatory text messages from Randall Cunningham and Doug Williams.

It was a humbling experience for Jackson because those are two former quarterbacks that helped “pave the way” for him to get an opportunity in the NFL. Jackson reiterated that respect this week.

“A lot of people look at those guys and are like, ‘They’re dual threats.’ They can pass the ball, run the ball,” he said. “It’s hard to defend those guys. So, it gives us a great ability coming into the league. Coaches are looking at us like, ‘Man, we need those guys on our team.’ So yes, I feel like they paved the way.”

BY THE NUMBERS: 105 – Rushing first downs gained by the Ravens’ offense, which ranks No. 1 in the NFL.