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December 06, 2018 at 1:12 am.

–Dolphins head coach Adam Gase on injured Danny Amendola’s desire to play against the Patriots. “He wants to play in this game as bad any anybody. I am just trying to make sure we go through the week in the right way where he doesn’t put himself in a worse position.”

–Patriots safety Patrick Chung on the improved tackling this season: “Because we preach it. You can’t tackle, you can’t play. We have pads on for a reason. We preach it, we practice and we want to see that carry over to the game. If you can do that, then you have a good chance of playing. … tackling is more of a will thing. Either you want to tackle or you don’t.”

–Chung on his relationship with Danny Amendola: “Danny’s the man. I mean, that’s because it’s my friend but he’s a small dude but he’s stronger than you think and he’s feisty. He’s going to be ready for us. He’s a tough dude, plays through injuries, smart. Whatever the injury report says, we’re getting ready for Danny because he’s good. He’ll be there. He’s a tough guy.”

–Defensive end Trey Flowers on the importance of stunts to the Patriots defense, which the Patriots have used more of lately. It allows Flowers to rush against interior linemen where he is more effective: “It creates confusion anytime you can give the offense different looks. The goal can be to create two-on-one scenarios. The guys on the interior are not the same athletes as the tackles. Anytime you can force the offensive line to change directions it can help.”

BY THE NUMBERS: 1,000 – the number of rushing yards Tom Brady now has in his career.