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November 29, 2018 at 2:10 am.


–The last head coach of the Jets that came from an offensive background was Rich Kotite. Since Kotite’s disastrous 4-28 run in 1995 and 1996, the Jets have opted for someone whose background is on the defensive side.

The position of offensive coordinator has become somewhat of a revolving door situation and Jeremy Bates is the 10th to fill the role. He also is the latest to feel the heat about an ineffective offense and his play-calling.

In the New England game, Bates called 50 pass plays and 15 plays on the ground against a defense that had allowed 150 yards on the ground in its previous game.

“It’s everybody involved,” had coach Todd Bowles said of the offensive struggles. “It’s not just Jeremy. It’s the other coaches and the players as well. We’re all involved in that. It’s never pointed to one person.”

Players had a tough time answering questions about the game plan on offense.

Asked about the desire to get more variety in the offense, wide receiver Jermaine Kearse did his best to deflect.

“I don’t know how you want me to – I don’t,” Kearse said. “I’d rather just pass on that question, sorry.”

Then regarding confidence level in Bates, Kearse punted again.

“Y’all asking me some tough (expletive) questions,” Kearse said.

Eventually, Kearse expanded his diplomatic thoughts on the topic.

“I understand everybody is frustrated,” Kearse said. “We’re frustrated. The fans are frustrated. We’re all frustrated. We’re just trying to find ways to get things going out there, to make plays and we’re all in it. I think we’re just grinding and that’s what we have to continue to do.”

And they will with Bates deciding what plays the offense runs for at least five more games and then it’s possible he will become the latest member of the Jets former offensive coordinator club.

–While the defense is a mess, the Jets can take some solace in how second-year cornerback Jamal Adams is performing.

Adams leads the Jets with 77 combined tackles, two forced fumbles. League-wide he ranks fifth among defensive backs in those categories.

While the Jets struggled defensively again, Adams was flying all over the field, including a terrific hit on tight end Rob Gronkowski leading to a pass breakup on a third-and-10 when it was still scoreless.

Adams’ play is certainly something to endear him to Bowles, who was a safety for eight seasons during the 1980s and early 1990s.

He’s playing probably some of the best football I’ve ever seen,” Bowles said. “Definitely playing the best on the team.

“He’s all over the place – whether it’s coverage, whether there’s a run, whether it’s blitzing – he’s done an outstanding job,” Bowles said. “He’s an outstanding pro and he’s an outstanding player.”

BY THE NUMBERS: 5 and 337 — These are mind-blowing numbers and they represent the consecutive games the defense has not recorded a takeaway in and the exact number of plays since the last takeaway. It is the longest in team history but since the AFL-NFL merger it is the longest streak in the league. New York’s last takeaway was an interception by LB Darron Lee in the fourth quarter of the win over Indianapolis.