Redskins’ Collins promotes ‘little thud’ for Giants GM

Field Level Media

July 29, 2019 at 7:44 pm.

Redskins safety Landon Collins shifted the figurative bull’s-eye on the New York Giants to a more literal one on Monday.

In a live interview with NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, the former Giants safety said he would run over New York general manager Dave Gettleman if he got too close on the sidelines during pregame.

“I would try to tell one of my defensive back coaches to throw the ball in that direction and give a nice little thud, a nice little run-over, a quick little ‘Uhh,’ something like that,” Collins said. “I’m going to make it a little subtle, you know? I don’t think he’s got the skill level to stay on his feet.”

Collins called Gettleman a “liar” earlier this offseason and hasn’t tempered his emotions since. He expected to be tagged as the Giants’ franchise player in February but was allowed to enter free agency, where he signed a six-year, $84 million deal with Washington.

Collins said he won’t use the word Giants, and is plenty motivated by not being wanted by his now-NFC East rival.

This isn’t new territory for Gettleman. Earlier this offseason, he took heat from Odell Beckham Jr., the former All-Pro wide receiver traded by Gettleman to the Cleveland Browns.

“They could never get past my past,” Beckham said. “There’s always that past that whatever happened, I would never be able to outgrow it. That’s why I don’t try to bring none of this to Cleveland. I don’t even care. When I get there, this is a fresh start for me.”

There were bad breakups during his reign as Carolina Panthers general manager, too. Steve Smith and Josh Norman, volatile and outspoken players discarded by the Panthers, also ripped the GM on the way out.

“Listen, I don’t take any of this lightly,” Gettleman told NJ Advance Media last week. “None of it. I may kid around. But when you are dealing with people, you don’t take one part of that lightly. If there is anything I’ve learned, when you are saying something difficult to somebody you have got to make sure you give them their dignity.”

Gettleman will have two chances to either bury the hatchet with — or test the motives of — Collins this season. The Redskins are at MetLife Stadium on Sept. 29 and the return engagement is scheduled for Dec. 22.